Danatech – Diabetes Advanced Network Access powered by ADCES Technologies

For Providers:
Danatech is your partner for better patient outcomes.

It’s no secret that diabetes is an epidemic. Add to it the pace of related technology, connected health devices and patient-generated data – and it’s more challenging than even before to stay ahead of the demands of treating chronic illness.

Meet danatech — your diabetes care technology partner.

Danatech has been designed and built specifically to support the technology-based needs of healthcare professionals involved in the care of those living with diabetes.

With a single login, providers can:
  • Increase practice efficiency with quick and easy access to the latest product information and device training
  • Enroll in tech-focused diabetes care education courses and webinars
  • Connect with Diabetes Care and Education Specialist who can support their primary care practice as well as their patients
  • And so much more

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What’s a diabetes care and education specialist?

Diabetes care and education specialists are licensed healthcare professionals—registered nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, among others—who specialize in helping people with diabetes learn how to self-manage their condition. Collaboratively, they create a plan of care that is personalized to an individual’s lifestyle, culture, beliefs and environment. Sessions cover everything from understanding how to use devices like meters, insulin pens, pumps and continuous glucose monitors, to interpreting data from these devices to identify patterns and areas of concern.  Together, they work to find solutions that address their most pressing challenges. Many diabetes care and education specialists have earned the Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist/CDCES credential.

As a key member of the diabetes care team, diabetes care and education specialists are uniquely positioned to:

  • Reduce readmissions and encourage long-term self-management
  • Lower costs for health systems, providers and the person with diabetes
  • Improve quality measures, outcomes and health at an individual and population level
  • Improve productivity and performance for a practice, health system or health plan

Partner with a diabetes care and education specialist within your practice or refer your patients to a diabetes self-management education program.

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